Uninterruptible Power Solutions (UPS)

We offer a complete line of both single-phase and three-phase UPS products to protect mission critical and industrial applications.
  • Static UPS systems, Single & 3-Phase ranging from 350VA to 750 kVA, Parallelable to 6MVA
  • Exclusive Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) – 3kVA and larger
  • Among the most energy efficient — up to 94% efficiency
We specialize in GE Digital Energy® Power Quality products. GE Digital Energy® has technology that delivers superior performance and industry-leading energy efficiency for facility backup power management.
Critical services and processes need clean and reliable power. A UPS provides clean, reliable; predictable and continuous power supply, and conditioning for crucial functions in mission critical facilities. UPS systems protect equipment and processes are protected from power failure and anomalies. The most common types of power problems are as follows:  
Power Failure Also known as blackouts are the easiest power problem to diagnose. A temporary interruption in the flow of electricity will usually result in a power failure.
Brownouts An under voltage condition usually resulting from high demand on the utility grid that can cause lights to dim and equipment to fail. Also known as voltage sags, brownouts are the most common power problem, accounting for up to 87% of all power disturbances.
Power Surge This is an increase in the voltage that powers electrical equipment. Surges often go unnoticed because they last only a fraction of second. However, they are much more common and destructive than you would expect.
Harmonic Distortion Causes the waves in electrical systems to change shape and deform as they move through the system resulting in voltage fluctuations. Sensitive equipment can be damaged by these fluctuations.
Power Sag Occurs when there is a significant decrease in voltage for short periods usually from heavy loads starting such as large motors or AC units.
Over Voltage Is most often used to refer to conditions when too much voltage is traveling through a power system. A persistent level of voltage over the range designated for the power line, can affect electronics, damage sensitive electrical equipment and reduce energy efficiency in all buildings connected to the malfunctioning power line area.
Line Noise Usually results from random fluctuations-electrical impulses that are carried along with standard AC current. Line noise can occur when fluorescent lights, laser printers are powered on or while using a power generator etc.
Switching Transient Occurs due to instantaneous under-voltages that lasts microseconds.

When downtime is not an option, NRG products and services keep your systems and processes running.
The LP11 and LP11U are designed with high efficiency mode up to 97% and provide galvanic isolation to the load. These series of UPS are suitable for use with medium data networks, telecom, and local site protection. (120 – 240V)
CE Listed (3 – 10 kVA)
UL Listed (5 – 10 kVA)
UL924 Listed (6 & 10 kVA)
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The GT series design incorporates modular battery packs and power supplies making it ideal for expansion and retrofit installations. GT series UPS are suitable for use in small-medium data networks, telecom, and server racks. (120 – 240V)
CE Listed (1 – 3 kVA)
UL Listed (5 – 10 kVA)
UL Listed (6 & 10 kVA)
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The VH Series is a true double conversion UPS in a hardened design with fast step/transient load response and a built-in failsafe bypass. VH Series UPS are suitable for use in IT and healthcare facilities, as well as high-speed processing, marine, and motor control applications. (120 – 240V)
CE Listed (700 VA – 3 kVA)
UL Listed (700 VA – 2 kVA)
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The GE Digital Energy EP Series UPS is a true VFI (Voltage & Frequency Independent) on-line double conversion, intelligent, cost effective and high-performance UPS designed to suit a wide range of IT networking, telecom and process control applications. (220 – 240V)
CE Listed (700 VA – 6 kVA)
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Line Interactive topology, automatic voltage regulation, sine-wave output with internal user replaceable batteries. These UPS’s are suitable for use with PCs, servers, routers Small IT servers point of sale (POS), and ISDN switches. (120V)
UL Listed (600 VA – 2 kVA)
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The LP 31 Series of UPS comprises a comprehensive and high performance platform supplying information-quality power for your critical applications. The UPS is easy to install and service and suits a variety of applications and
CE Listed (5 – 10 kVA)
CE Listed (8 – 20 kVA)
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The SG series is a high efficiency design and provides fast step/transient load response while eliminating single points of failure. SG series UPS’s are suitable for use in large enterprise class data networks and data centers, and healthcare equipment.
UL Listed (10 – 750 kVA)
CE Listed (60 – 600 kVA)
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The LP33 series is a transformer-less design reducing install footprint and installation time. LP33 series UPS’s are suitable for use in large data networks and telecom equipment.
UL Listed (10 – 100 kVA)
CE Listed (10 – 120 kVA)
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The SitePro series is a robust, double conversion UPS that provides true on-line operation and galvanic isolation. For high-power redundant applications, the SitePro UPS can be installed with up to 8 units in parallel, providing greater system reliability.
CE Listed (10 – 40 kVA / 400 – 500 kVA)
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