About Us NRG Power Solutions was initially founded as an alternative energy company specializing in wind turbines, solar panels and other green energy products. Shortly thereafter NRG established a relationship with CSB Battery Technology Inc. to utilize their batteries in clean power applications. A few months later, another partnership with GE Digital Energy Services became the catalyst that would eventually change the nature of company. Customer demand and unwavering support from our partners allowed NRG to evolve into the company it is today – A provider of products and services for critical power equipment and processes. NRG has since formed new strategic partnerships to meet the needs of our customers such as providing HVAC and generator services. The relationship with business partners and suppliers gives NRG a unique advantage over their competitors and enable them to provide value added benefit to their customers. Mission/Values Statement   NRG Power Solutions is a company that values, above all else – our customers and our commitment to providing the best critical power protection products and services that fit their needs. To that end, our mission is to provide reliable, quality and cost-effective products and service options to every customer. Through vision, integrity, professionalism and determination we intend to promote and increase our presence as a provider of critical power protection products and services.  

We are proud to be NRG Power Solutions!